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Haaretz magazine to launch new digital-only edition in 2018

Haaretz Magazine is to launch a new digital edition in 2020.The magazine’s chief editor and publisher, Eli Ben-Ari, said that Haaretz was changing its business model in order to become more profitable and that its existing digital business model would remain intact.Ben-Ari told Army Radio on Thursday that the new edition would focus on digital […]

Why does the French design style have so many words?

In the past few years, a new style of French design has emerged.Many of the words in French are derived from Latin roots, and the new words can be pronounced differently.Here are 10 French words that sound different to the English language.1.M’Élène 2. Mais 3.Père 4.Enfants 5.Béla 6.La Croix 7.Jeudi 8.Pascale 9.Fils 10.L’Ambergère 1.MélèNE2.Maisin3.Maître4.Pèler 5.En […]

Why I’m a fan of the Zen style of design

When it comes to design, the Greek word for style can be traced back to the ancient Greeks, and the word for the style has evolved through the ages.Zen style design is one of the oldest styles, and today it’s used by the most influential designers in the world.The term Zen means “to seek” or […]

Google design style: The first images of the future

In the early 1990s, Google went into a major design crisis.The company’s original mission statement called for the search giant to “create the most user-friendly search engine possible”.The new mission statement also said that it was going to “revolutionise the way people do business”.But what Google had really set out to do was change the […]

A digital design style for ceiling design style

Designing ceiling design is a process that goes back centuries.Some of the styles that are in use today include geometric, modern, geometric, and a mixture of the two.While there are some differences, it is easy to see the commonalities.Here are the top five ceiling design types.1.Modern Ceiling Design Traditional ceiling design, often referred to as […]

Sponsorship Levels and Benefits

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