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What to expect from the new Baroque Style of Design

If you’ve ever watched a movie, tv show, or video game where the style is called a “Baroque,” chances are you’ve seen it.It is a stylized look that is very similar to the classic style of the time period, but in a much more contemporary and futuristic way.The Baroqet style of design is defined by […]

What’s the deal with baroque style jewelry?

The latest craze is “barcode” jewelry, which allows buyers to instantly tell the brand apart from other jewelry.It’s often associated with couture designer brands such as Chanel, Gucci, and Louis Vuitton.It can also be found in designer labels such as Zara, H&M, and Gucci.But what is it?It’s not necessarily something that you can just take […]

When we get rid of the ‘Shadda’ design style, will the city be unrecognizable?

The Globe and Mail’s baroque style guide, originally published in 2004, remains the standard in Canada for design style.In the last decade, it has become the dominant standard.In fact, BaroqueStyle.ca has been a guide for the past decade.It’s the same baroqui-inspired style guide for designers, architects, photographers, and even historians.Baroques and baroques, or styles, are […]

Which baroque style of architecture is most Irish?

A series of posts by The Irish Time staff on the design of Irish architecture was recently shared on social media by the Baroque Society of Ireland, which is currently considering the best architectural style for its members to use when they design their own baroques.The posts, which were shared by the group’s Facebook page, […]

This is how India’s ‘baroque’ design style was born

In 1883, when India was still in the British Empire, a young Indian architect named Jawaharlal Nehru designed the country’s first government building.Nehru had been the countrys leading architect, and his designs, called the Indira Gandhi Statue, were a major inspiration for the new country.Nehur also had a keen eye for design, having designed a […]

‘It’s a Woman’s World’: Women’s History Month at the Museum

Today is Women’s International Women’s Day, which means it’s also a time for men to take a break from celebrating their gender.It’s a reminder that we have more work to do and that it’s not just a celebration of the accomplishments of women in our country, but also of the contributions that men have made […]

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