Why Google is putting the Condo style in its home page

Google is adding the Condos style to its home pages to help make them more visually appealing.

The move comes after the search giant said it would be looking to improve the overall look of its homepages, with its own fonts being used to highlight the typography, style and colours.

The new style is part of Google’s efforts to improve its user experience and ensure people are seeing the right things when they search for things.

The Condos look will appear on Google’s homepage and some other pages.

Google’s Home page in the US and Australia has been in a state of disarray since the launch of Android 2.1, which saw the release of its Android 5.0 Lollipop operating system, but the Condoos have made a big impression.

In October, Google unveiled a new look for its own websites, which it said was to improve user experience.

The company said at the time that the redesigns were “designed to highlight and highlight the unique features and capabilities of Google Home, which are more relevant to people who visit Google.com and search for information”.

It said Google Home’s design was a result of its many years of development.

The Home page now uses more modern typography and more colours.

Google said it has spent a lot of time developing its own design tools and is working with some of the best designers in the world.

In January, Google released a new logo that featured Condos and the word ‘Home’.

Google has also added a new font style, with the company announcing a new Condos font called HomeFonts, which is also a colour scheme.

The change has also been welcomed by the Australian Council for Civil Liberties.

“Google’s decision to change the design of its homepage and to use a new style of Condos design to highlight its unique features, is a welcome step to improve how Google’s home pages are designed, but is a step too far for a brand that has become a pariah for its transparency,” said David Head, the council’s director of media and advocacy.

“We welcome Google’s commitment to updating the design, but we would urge Google to keep working with the Australian Government and the community to ensure the CondoS style is used across all of its sites.”

Google also added more than 150 Condos styles for use on its Home page, with a number of them featuring the word Condos.

The news comes as Google is facing questions over its decision to introduce a Condos home page, as it has long said that its design guidelines were designed to help consumers find the information they were looking for.

Google has been criticized for its lack of transparency in how it makes its home and personalised pages.

On Wednesday, Google announced that the Home page would be changed to more closely reflect its search and advertising functions, including its search bar, search results and search suggestions.

Google did not explain why it decided to change it, but its announcement came amid criticism that the search engine’s homepages were being misused.

Google Home has also struggled to retain users, with many users switching to other search engines.

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