Haaretz magazine to launch new digital-only edition in 2018

Haaretz Magazine is to launch a new digital edition in 2020.

The magazine’s chief editor and publisher, Eli Ben-Ari, said that Haaretz was changing its business model in order to become more profitable and that its existing digital business model would remain intact.

Ben-Ari told Army Radio on Thursday that the new edition would focus on digital content, which has become more important for Haaretz in recent years.

He said that the publication will be available in two languages: Hebrew and English.

Haaretz will have a special section on its website and online magazine and will feature an in-depth look at Israel, he said.

Benjamin Netanyahu, the current prime minister, is also expected to participate in the launch of the new digital magazine.

He was in the audience during the launch.

Ben Ari also said that, in addition to a special sections on Haaretz, the magazine will have its own website, which will be completely different from the one currently in place.

Haaretz will publish its first issues in Arabic and Hebrew.

Ben Netanyahu, who took over as Haaretz’s chief, took over the magazine in April 2019.

The current editor-in-chief is Rania Elashi, who is based in Tel Aviv.

The announcement came shortly after Haaretz published a new book, “A Nation of Israel,” which highlights the accomplishments of the current Israeli government and the achievements of the Israeli left, including former Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

The book, which is titled “We Are The Jews,” was published in May.

The new edition of the magazine, which was released on Wednesday, is a follow-up to the book, and it will be published in English.

Haile Gebrselassie, the editor-at-large, said in a statement that the book will be translated into more than 50 languages.

“Haaretz is taking the bold step of creating a digital edition of its flagship magazine,” he said in the statement.

“Our goal is to bring the readers the very best of Haaretz into the digital world, and this is something that is a first for the publication.”

The new digital editions will be offered through an online portal.

The launch of a digital version of the publication was announced by Eliyahu Sarna, Haaretz publisher and editor- in-chief, on July 8, when he said the publication is planning to launch it in 2019.

“In 2018 we will launch a digital book on Ha’aretz, which we hope will become the most popular book of all time.

We also have plans for a digital online book in 2019, and we have a few more ideas for it in the future,” Sarna said in an interview with Haaretz.”

We hope to publish the digital book in the coming years, but we have some other plans for it that we are still working on.”

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