Farsi designers say ‘bamboo’ will become a fashion trend in 2018

Posted November 16, 2018 16:10:36 The future of fashion looks like it’s heading to the kitchen with the introduction of bamboo.

Designer Farsirat Baumani says the colour is “a reflection of nature, nature’s beauty, and the rich history and culture of Iran”.

She told ABC News Australia that it’s a trend that “everywhere”.

“It will be the fashion for the next 10 years, in a few months,” she said.

“Bamboo is very beautiful and it’s going to be a trend for many years to come.

It’s not just for weddings, it’s for all occasions.”

It’s the first time the colours have been introduced in Australia, but she hopes it will be “one of the first times in Australia”.

“I think it’s important that the Australian public know that bamboo is beautiful and the people who make the product know that they are using the finest materials,” she added.

“People have the opportunity to buy bamboo products from their local market.”

Aussie designers are already making bamboo-based products with their own names.

They include “bamboo china” and “bambabong” for the traditional Japanese snack.

Farsis products are also becoming popular in the US, where they have appeared in fashion labels like Marc Jacobs and Zara, as well as fashion houses such as GQ.

They are also seen in other countries.

For example, the Japanese brand “Bamisubu” is a trend in the Philippines and Indonesia, and a “bakko” in Japan.

But Mr Baumanis believes it is only a matter of time before it will become popular around the world.

“I’m hoping it’s the next big trend in our industry,” he said.

Ms Bauman, who has worked in Australia for more than a decade, says the future looks bright for bamboo.

“It’s just a beautiful, natural and sustainable product,” she explained.

“People have access to it, they have access in the market. “

This is just a matter that will take time, but I think bamboo will become an increasingly important part of the fabric of our society.”

And we are doing everything we can to make it more accessible to the community.”

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