Design: An interview with Ravi Vaidya

Ravi and I have known each other for a long time, but we have never collaborated on any design projects.

I had asked him to design the next generation of the RaviVaidya brand.

He came back with the concept of a scrapbook style.

The concept was inspired by the concept books he read growing up and the old style books that he used as a learning aid.

I was thrilled to learn that he could design and create a scrap book with a very minimalistic design.

I was looking forward to seeing his work and he gave me a glimpse of his mind.

The design process started from scratch and we worked on it in about two weeks.

Ravi’s original idea was to create a book for the next school year.

We wanted to create something that would be a visual reflection of what a scrap books were used for, especially when it comes to learning and learning in general.

This was a very exciting moment for us and we knew we had something special when it came to the scrapbook format.

The whole concept was to take a visual and aural cue from the book itself.

So, what I wanted to do was bring together the book, the scrapbooks and the concept.

The scrapbooks were a visual representation of the book and the scrap books represent the scrap.

The idea was that the scrap book would represent the knowledge and experience of the person who wrote the book.

In the same way, the concept book would be the visual representation.

Radi Vaidyanath is a designer who has worked in the fields of architecture, media, photography and video production.

His first book, A Scrapbook Design, was published in 2014.

He has since launched his own website, RaviCourses, which offers courses in various topics related to scrapbooks.

He also runs a blog,, where he posts design tutorials and offers tutorials to anyone who wants to learn.

Sponsorship Levels and Benefits

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