How to design a suit design that fits you

The key to a suit is to create a suit that fits your body type and style.

It’s a little like a fashion guide for you, as well as a guide for others.

Here are a few tips on how to create one that works for you.


Avoid suits with a wide, narrow torso style If you’re a slim figure type, a wide torso suit is probably going to be too large for you — you’ll be too tall for it.

A wide torso style is good for your shoulders, hips and chest.

You’ll be able to reach your shoulders easily with a narrow torso suit.


Create a suit with a slim waist style If your waist is narrow, you’ll probably be able a suit will fit.

The best suits will have a slim, medium waist style.

You can even create a slim suit with slim fit, a slim length and a slim silhouette.


Create an overall suit style by using fabrics and silhouettes You may have noticed that some suits are too thin for you or your body shape.

You may also want to add some body shaping elements to your suit, such as a waistcoat, waist band or waistcoat sleeve.

These elements will give you a more tailored, tailored look.


Add a jacket, shirt or tie style to your overall suit for added durability and style If there’s something you like about a suit, it’s that it can be worn as a jacket or a shirt, or worn as an overall look.

But that’s where the fun comes in.

You might like a jacket that’s slim, light and a bit casual, and a shirt or a tie that’s a bit more tailored and modern.

Here’s how you can do it. 5.

Add some neckline and shoulder pieces to your suits by adding pleats and other pleats You can add neckline, shoulder buttons, side pockets and other shoulder pieces that add style and shape.


Add additional fabric or fabric layers to your jacket, waistcoat or waistband to create the perfect fit 7.

Add sleeves to a jacket to add a different kind of effect The sleeve can add a nice touch of warmth, and add some texture.

And if you need a little more structure to your style, you can add some sleeves.


Add shoulder pads to a waistband, or add some shoulder pads in a suit You can also add a waistbands or waistbands to your waistcoat to add extra support.


Add padding to a coat or jacket to make it more comfortable 10.

Add pockets to add added character or a more casual look 11.

Add accessories to a hat or a scarf for a different look

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