Denmark’s ‘m style’ design style wins design prize

Danish designers have won the prestigious Design Award for their “m style” design style for the design of the country’s national flag.

The design was created by Danish designer Peter-Marie Gør, a member of the design team of the national flag and a senior official in the Ministry of Defence.

Gør has been selected as the design director of the Design Award by the Danish Design Council.GÖr said he was delighted to win the Design Prize for his design for the flag, which is meant to reflect the countrys history and tradition of Danish culture and people.

The flag features two horizontal stripes and two vertical stripes on each side.

The colours are a combination of two colours of white and blue, a blue-green-yellow and a grey-red-orange.

The white border is also red, while the blue and red stripes are blue and yellow.

The country’s flag has been in use since 1789, but has been the subject of debate over its current meaning and colour scheme.

It has been used in Denmark since 1997.

Danish culture has a strong tradition of red, white and black.

The national flag is a mixture of blue and white, with blue on top and white at the bottom.

The colours of the red, blue and green are red and blue.

The blue-red colour scheme was adopted in 1957.

The Danish flag is the second most popular design of all the flags used by the country.

It was the flag of Denmark until 1972, when it was replaced by a blue flag.

The red-white-blue colour scheme is the colour of Denmark’s coat of arms.

The flags have been used by various Danish politicians for years.

The National Council of Danish Art was founded in 1998 to provide guidance for Danish art and design.

The organization promotes and supports the arts and creative industries.

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