Nike unveils ‘Ant Design Style 2020’ design for 2020

Nike unveiled its “Ant Design style 2020” collection today, and the collection features “a collection of classic retro pieces that are sure to inspire and delight.”

The collection, which includes a pair of retro sneakers, a pair tights, and a hat, is the company’s first “Ant” design collection to come out of the creative department.

In the past, Nike has worked with fashion brands like Burberry, Calvin Klein, and Tommy Hilfiger on its retro collection, but this collection will be its first time collaborating with a fashion brand on a new design.

Nike has worked to build a reputation for being a design powerhouse.

Its design team has produced some of the most recognizable fashion pieces in history, including the “Black Friday” adidas Dunk High shoes, as well as a slew of collaborations with other brands like Dolce & Gabbana, Calvin Thomas, and Ralph Lauren.

The company’s creative team has also been involved in other fashion collaborations, including designing the “Fashion Revolution” ad for Nike Air, the Nike FuelBand with the Beats Pillars collaboration, and last year’s Nike X.S. 1.

The collection features three pairs of shoes: the “Kluge” in white, blue, and red, as featured on the Nike Air Max 1, the “Giant” in red, and white, as used on the new Nike Air Force 1.

The shoes have a premium feel and have a slightly slimmer fit than the original Nike Air Zoom.

The Nike Ant Design Style 2019 collection is available in men’s, women’s, and kids sizes, with men’s sizes starting at $200 and women’s sizes at $150.

The “Ant Style 2020” collections are available on June 11.

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