How to spot a 1980s design from the inside out

NHL Hall of Famer Bobby Orr has been a fan of 1980s-era design since he first saw it on the big screen in a 1980 episode of The Big Bang Theory.

The iconic image of Orr’s character, Dr. Orpheus, playing a chess game with a human chessboard, has remained one of his most popular images in the decades since, appearing in countless movies and TV shows.

Here are eight of the most iconic 1980s designs.

A look at some of the more notable designs from the 60s, 70s and 80s.

(Getty Images)A look back at some iconic 1980-era NHL players.

(AP)Here’s a look at eight of Orrs most memorable 1980s images.

“I remember going to a charity tournament and seeing Orr, and just kind of wondering why I wasn’t a fan.

He was in the background of every game.

And I thought he was really, really cool,” Orr said in a 2012 interview with the Chicago Tribune.

“And so that’s what stuck with me.”

Orr is not alone.

Many players have cited the 1980s as their favorite decade in sports history.

In fact, it was the era in which the NHL became a bigger and more popular franchise than it has ever been.

According to the Sports Illustrated book, the NHL started out as a small league in 1954 and became one of the league’s bigger and better franchises by the late 1960s.

However, the popularity of the team was waning due to the death of Hall of Fame player Lou Lamoriello, and the NHL began to fade in the late 1970s and early 1980s.

According the book, there were no more NHL games in 1970 because of a labor dispute with the owners.

However the team began playing at Olympic Stadium in St. Louis for the first time in November of 1970.

A number of NHL players were born in the 1980 and 1980s, including the first player drafted in 1980, Orr.

He even had a chance to play a game with the player he now calls “Dr. Orr.”

Orrs image of the NHL team in the 1960s was captured by a film crew.

(Sports Illustrated)The NHL’s popularity peaked during the late 70s when it became a perennial powerhouse and became a powerhouse of the global sports landscape.

By the time Orr retired from the league in 1987, the league had grown to be the second-largest in the world behind the NFL.

It was during Orrs time in the NHL that the team’s mascot, Dr Olyphant, first appeared in a game.

The mascot appeared in the first two seasons of the 1980 NHL season and became iconic in the game’s history, as it became the first mascot to be inducted into the NHL Hall Of Fame.

After Orr died, a photo of the mascot was put on display at the NHL Museum in Canton, Ohio.

It was one of Orrn’s final images, along with the famous image of him playing chess.

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