Why Bloomsburg is making its own house

In the 1980s, the city of Bloombsburg, Virginia, opened a brand new building to showcase its home styling.

Now the property is being revamped and the home’s design has been updated, with new windows and a new facade.

The project will also include a new kitchen, bar, and outdoor seating.

It is the latest of many to be completed by the town of Bloomssburg, which opened its doors in 1846.

“The project is a celebration of the home, not just a remodeling,” says the town’s mayor, Joe Womack.

“We wanted to bring the original look back into the building and give our residents the best possible home.”

The Bloompssburg project includes a new exterior, which is being restored and added to the historic structure.

The town will also be able to bring its original interior back into use as well.

In its place, the Bloomssburg House Project will be rebuilt.

A few of the new features: a new dining room and bar; new landscaping; and a rooftop deck with a fireplace.

The kitchen, located at the center of the project, will be replaced by a new stove, an oven, and refrigerator.

It will also have a new fireplace and additional windows.

A new outdoor seating area will be added.

The new home will have a landscaped courtyard, including benches, seating, a bar, a patio, and a terrace.

The roof deck will include a deck with terraces and a bar.

It also will have additional parking.

It’s expected to be complete by the end of 2019.

Sponsorship Levels and Benefits

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