UK fashion and beauty trends guide

A stylish look that speaks to all age groups.

BBC Sport’s fashion guide covers all the latest fashion trends from all corners of the globe, from street wear to designer braid.

You can also browse through our other UK style and beauty features.

The UK’s fashion and design scene is constantly changing and it is always exciting to see what is emerging.

Here are some of our favourite trends from the past year, and how they are changing the face of UK fashion.

TOP TEN UK FACES The UK is the third-biggest country in the world in terms of GDP, after the US and China.

There are about 1.6 million people in the UK, and almost 2.4 million are aged between 18 and 29.

TOP 5 UK MALE FASHIONERS TOP 5 British men are generally more conservative and more masculine than their female counterparts.

However, the trend towards more feminine clothing and accessories has been noticed by many.

In 2017, the British fashion industry saw a resurgence of interest in men’s fashion.

Top 5 British fashion brands that have seen the most change in the past 12 months.

TOP 10 UK SHOPPING CUSTOMERS TOP 10 Most shops in Britain have a strong focus on men’s style, with over 70 per cent of shops offering a range of men’s clothing and shoes.

TOP 3 UK SHOES TOP 3 The UK has the highest proportion of men in the top five fashion brands in terms, according to The Guardian.

TOP 2 UK LACES TOP 2 Women dominate the UK’s largest clothing market, the top two women’s clothing brands, L’Oreal and Adidas, are based in London.

Top 2 UK MEN’S SWEAT & GOOYSTERS TOP 2 Top UK men’s sportswear companies are Nike and Adidas.

Top 1 UK LUXURY & GENTLEMEN Top 1 Top UK luxury brands include Chanel, Louis Vuitton, Gucci and Louis Vuittes.

TOP 1 UK SHOE MADE IN THE UK Top 1 The top five UK footwear companies are Abercrombie & Fitch, John Lewis, John Paul Jones, Paul Smith and Gucci.

TOP 50 UK HOUSING TOP 50 The UK houses more than 100 million people and the UK has more than 40 million residents.

Here is a look at the UK housing market in 2017.

TOP 4 UK PRODUCTS TOP 4 British products have seen a resurgence in recent years, with fashion brands including Ralph Lauren, Calvin Klein, Alexander McQueen and Guerrillero leading the way.

TOP 0 UK COVERS Top 0 The UK tops the list of the world’s largest fashion brands, with an annual turnover of $7.3 billion.

TOP 9 UK PRODUCT MARKET TOP 9 British brands have a global market value of $5.6 trillion.

Here’s how British fashion and product sales have changed in the last 12 months, according the BBC’s fashion business section.

TOP 11 UK FOOD AND DRINK PRODUCTS Top 11 British food and drink brands make up almost 60 per cent (or £3.3 trillion) of all UK gross domestic product.

TOP 8 UK FOOTBALL PRODUCTS top 8 Football products make up around two-thirds of the UK gross product.

Top 8 UK MULTIPLE FASHIONS TOP 8 Most of the top British fashion models are of Indian or Pakistani origin.

TOP 7 UK GIRLS’ DRESS Top 7 The UK leads the world with the highest number of models in the Top 7 of the ‘Big Five’.

TOP 7 TOP 7 SEXUAL ASSAULT TOP 7 The top 5 UK fashion models include models from Valentino, Marc Jacobs, Dolce & Gabbana, Calvin Keith, Alexander Wang and Valentino.

TOP 6 UK COVENANTS TOP 6 The UK comes in fifth place in terms with the number of companies which have their logo featured on a uniform.

TOP 06 UK DRUG PRODUCTS, POSSESSION & STORE TOP 06 The UK was the top consumer of ecstasy and crack cocaine in 2017, with a global total of nearly $5 billion.

Top 6 UK DRIVER PRODUCTS & DRUGS TOP 6 Drivers of Britain’s vehicles are most likely to be women, with 80 per cent women in the workforce.

TOP 05 UK PIPED BATHROOMS TOP 05 Britain is ranked fifth for the number and percentage of women in senior management positions.

TOP 03 UK PICKERS TOP 03 The UK top five in terms at which people travel by bus to work, study or holiday is London, Newcastle, Manchester, Birmingham and Cardiff.

TOP 02 UK COOKING & BEVERAGE TOP 02 The UK ranks second in terms to the number people who have ever taken a holiday abroad.

TOP 01 UK DANCE MUSIC TOP 01 The UK ranked seventh for the most artists in the Music Industry UK Top 100.


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