How ‘cute’ is ‘cafe design’?

Designers are often asked if they can be a bit too cute when designing their cafes.

So we decided to put the question to them.

In this piece, BBC Design Editor and Design Manager, Sarah Bewley, explores the key trends and how they’re influencing the design of the future.

In a new BBC Sport Magazine called ‘Designing for Life’, we’ll look at how the latest trends are impacting our everyday lives and what the future holds for design.

Read more Sarah Bevly has designed a number of cafes across the UK, including The Bar in New York, the Gourmet Grill in London and The Red Bull Lounge in New Jersey.

She said: “Cafes have become such an integral part of the lives of so many people and they’re now increasingly being seen as spaces for creative expression.”

When I was working on my first cafe design project in New Zealand, we were all on holiday, so I knew I wanted to design a café that could be a great place to unwind.

“The main inspiration was the iconic Bar in Manhattan, which was designed as a place for people to gather and celebrate their New York roots.”

A lot of the furniture was inspired by traditional architecture, like traditional British buildings, and I wanted the interior to be inspired by a modernist approach.

“I wanted to create a space that was more contemporary and modern.”

And so I was very inspired by the architecture of the New York Bar.

It’s a big building that has a great history and it’s so beautiful.””

But when I was designing the interior, I realised I wanted it to be very simple and clean, so it needed to feel like an old school space.

“The design for the café was inspired partly by the old school Bar, and partly by an eclectic mix of old and new.

It was inspired in part by the vintage-style furniture of the Bar, which has become synonymous with New York.

Sarah Bewly said: “[The Bar] is a landmark that was a real centre of New York culture in the 1950s and 60s.

I wanted my design to reflect this and make it a welcoming space for all New Yorkers to come and hang out.

“In the design for my café, I wanted an aesthetic that reflects this era.”

It’s a modern, classic design, but it also feels like an urban experience.

“What are some of the key design trends that are influencing our design of cafes?

The key trends in design are:Modernism, a look that celebrates design elements that are timeless and functional and modern, such as the minimalist, minimalist-ish, retro and retro-inspired elements of design.

Modernist design, as well as the use of light, is also popular among designers.

The modernism of modernist design includes:Positivity, where you want to have a positive effect on your audience and create a positive environment for them to experience and interact with your work.

Purity, which is about making something that will always be remembered.

It is about keeping the aesthetic as clean and simple as possible.

Café design can be seen as an extension of the ‘café aesthetic’ which is based around a strong sense of community.

Modernism can also be seen in design where the concept of design has evolved from the simple, utilitarian, utilitarianism of the early 20th century to the contemporary, modernist, functionalist approach to design.

These two ideas are at the heart of cafe design.

The café concept is also influenced by fashion, with many cafes incorporating the modernist aesthetics of furniture and decor, which includes modernist motifs such as textiles and fabrics.

Sarah said: [The cafe] is about creating an environment that is accessible and accessible to all New York residents.”

But also there is an emphasis on creating a welcoming environment for all who visit.

“We want the atmosphere to be welcoming and welcoming of everyone.”

There’s a sense of celebration in the atmosphere.

We want to create an environment where people feel welcome.

“Sarah says that many designers have taken this concept to a new level.

Sarah says: “We’re seeing designers using modernist elements in their designs and creating spaces that are inviting, where people can come and relax and have a good time.”

Cafés have always been very important to New York in terms of their social life and their culture.

They’ve always been the place where people hang out, they’ve always had a sense that they belong.”

Today, there are so many cafes across America, and the way we’re living now is really changing the way New York is perceived and seen.

“Sarah Bevley is a design editor at BBC Sport.

Follow her on Twitter: @BBCSarahBevly

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