The Sports Bible: The Complete Guide to Chinese Design Style

In recent years, many Chinese designers have taken up designing sports gear in a very different way. 

As it turns out, this new fashion trend has nothing to do with sports or sports apparel. 

Instead, it has to do exactly with Chinese design style. 

It started in China when a young designer named Chen Xun-chen began to design sportswear for athletes. 

He was inspired by the Chinese people’s love of sports, and his ideas evolved into the sportswears of the future. 

The sportswatches are all made of soft materials that blend into a soft fabric. 

A sportswear designer in China can design a sportswatch for a whole sport and make it very comfortable, yet still have it be stylish and functional. 

So what’s the difference between Chinese and Western design style?

 First of all, Western designers don’t really have the luxury of having to create a whole new design for every piece of apparel.

They can simply create a style and sell it to a customer. 

For example, a new athletic jacket could be designed with a sportsy silhouette. 

However, when it comes to the actual design, Westerners tend to use a lot of color, and make sure the overall design is in keeping with the original style.

If you want to design a traditional athletic jacket, you will probably have to go with the basics: A large, wide brim, long, narrow waist and a solid collar. 

If you look at modern sportsworks, you can see that there are a lot more colors and textures than traditional designs. 

These are not only aesthetic choices, but also a great way to differentiate between traditional and new designs.

So if you are looking for a great sportsworn jacket for a particular season, or just want to create something new, then look no further than this article. 

(Image source: sportswox)The other big difference between Western and Chinese design is the style of the fabric.

The Chinese style is usually more structured and formal.

This is where the difference comes in.

The Westerners usually use a softer fabric.

A traditional Chinese sports jacket might have a more simple, relaxed silhouette.

Western designers are more likely to use fabric that is more formal, like a sportcoat, sport sweater, or something with a more sophisticated look.(Image Source: general, the westerners have more traditional fabrics, which means they have a better fit. 

There is also more material in the western sportswear. 

This means that you are going to get a better fitting jacket and can get a good feel for the quality of the material. 

Therefore, the quality is going to be better, and this is going for both men and women.

It is a good thing that the Chinese designers are also known for their quality. 

While you are shopping for a new sportsworthwear, keep in mind that the quality may vary from person to person. 

You may need to be extra cautious if you go to a local store and have to compare brands to get the right one.

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