Madrid’s new style design agency is hiring more designers

A new Spanish style design studio, which was established last month, is hiring new designers and has started hiring full time.

The firm, which has been named the Madrid Design Academy, is looking to hire a full-time design director for next year.

The academy has offices in Barcelona, Madrid and Madrid and will work with clients including the Spanish fashion brands Zara, Calvin Klein and L’Oréal.

“We have an ambitious vision and an innovative approach to designing, as well as a solid track record of success,” said Jose Angel Diaz, the director of the Madrid Academy.

“We are looking for a designer with an eye towards the future and are excited to work with talented young designers.”

The Academy is part of the new initiative of the Spanish government to create a new style of design, a concept that was introduced in March after a similar program in the US.

The aim of the initiative is to give designers and businesses more creative freedom.

According to the government, this will result in more creative ideas being brought to the public.

The aim is to build a new type of design that promotes diversity and encourages a sense of belonging.

Designers who apply for the position will get the chance to work on projects for a range of clients including fashion brands and advertising agencies.

Sponsorship Levels and Benefits

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