How to style your home in Israel

The best way to style a home in the Jewish state is to keep things simple, the fashion-savvy designer said. 

In her latest book, “Israel’s Fashion Revolution,” designer and architect Nadav Golan said the goal is to create a cohesive aesthetic that evokes a sense of community, togetherness and warmth. 

“We need to make it very simple and elegant,” she told The Jerusalem Report.

“The first step is to think about how to style the home, then to design the furnishings and then to build a small home in it.”

Golan said a basic kitchen is the best place to start, with an open plan that makes the room feel welcoming and inviting.

“If you have a small space, it becomes very cozy, it feels like home,” she said.

“It is like a sanctuary in your home.” 

The second step is in the bedroom, where the bedroom is the place to make your home special.

“The bedroom should feel very inviting and like a place of love and connection,” Golan told The Report. 

The third step is the dining room, where you should have a nice open space and a fireplace.

Golan’s advice for how to design a house in Israel is simple.

“You should have at least one small bedroom and a small bathroom in the house,” she explained.

“And the room that should have an open space should have the fireplace and a lot of space.

You should have enough room for both the bedrooms.”

She added that she hopes the book will encourage others to “make the dream of a small house a reality” in Israel.

“I am trying to create the perfect home for a woman who is tired of living in an apartment, a man who is in a hurry to start a family, a woman with children who are in need of a space to spend time,” she added.

“I think the dream is to make the dream a reality, and to create an entire home for the women and the men.”

Gola said she would encourage any home owner to think of the simple and appealing way to dress a home. 

She added, “You can’t have an easy, chic style if you don’t give it a good foundation.”

Galian’s book, which was published in April, is titled “Israel: The Fashion Revolution.”

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