Apple redesigns its logo for 2016

Apple has redesigned its logo, a move that could help the company regain its status as the world’s most popular smartphone maker.

The redesign, which was announced in a blog post on Thursday, marks the latest step in a decade-long effort to move away from the “i” logo, which has been used for nearly 40 years.

Apple’s new logo, unveiled in March, replaces the old logo, but it uses a new typeface, and has been designed by design studio G-Studio, the same firm behind Apple’s iconic logo.

“Apple’s latest redesign is an ambitious, bold and highly-anticipated redesign,” said G-Style’s John Sommers.

“The design team has brought the same excitement and passion for design to the design of the company’s new Apple logo.

It reflects our company’s commitment to providing the best products, service and experience possible for our customers, while remaining accessible and engaging.”

Apple has previously used a design studio called G-Group to produce logos for its iPhone, iPod and iPad.

The company also used G-Art for its iPad line in 2015.

The new logo will appear on iPhones, iPads, Macs and PCs starting on Friday, and will be available for purchase for $119, which includes shipping.

G-Studio is an Austin-based design studio that focuses on typography, graphics and design.

It has a history of producing popular and recognizable logos, like the “R” logo for Nike that is used on Apple’s jackets and shoes.

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