Which NFL teams are most likely to win the 2020 Super Bowl?

The NFL is all but done with the 2020 season.

The New Orleans Saints, San Francisco 49ers, Indianapolis Colts, Detroit Lions, Green Bay Packers and Carolina Panthers have all announced that they won’t participate in the game, which is slated for December 26 in Glendale, Arizona.

It’s a sad end for the franchise, which was once a Super Bowl contender in the league.

The New Orleans team will play the Miami Dolphins at 7 p.m.

ET on Sunday.

The 49ers will be hosting the Carolina Panthers at 8 p.p.m., the Green Bay Packers will host the Seattle Seahawks at 9 p.d., the Detroit Lions will be at 10 p.s. and the Minnesota Vikings will host at 11 p.t.

The Atlanta Falcons will play their first game in Georgia, at 1 p.c.

The Atlanta Falcons, who will host their first home game of the season against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, will be back at home for the first time since October 31, 2019, when they played the Indianapolis Colts at EverBank Field.

The Jacksonville Jaguars will host both the New York Giants and the Philadelphia Eagles at the Georgia Dome.

The Philadelphia Eagles will host Dallas Cowboys at 1:30 p.h. and have yet to play the Denver Broncos.

The Giants will play Washington Redskins at 4:30 a.m.; the Eagles will play Arizona Cardinals at 7:30 and have played at home in New York, Philadelphia, San Diego, San Jose and Los Angeles since the 2019 season.

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