This is how India’s ‘baroque’ design style was born

In 1883, when India was still in the British Empire, a young Indian architect named Jawaharlal Nehru designed the country’s first government building.

Nehru had been the countrys leading architect, and his designs, called the Indira Gandhi Statue, were a major inspiration for the new country.

Nehur also had a keen eye for design, having designed a large-scale marble statue of himself.

But he was also keen to incorporate the unique elements of India into his architecture.

His work was not only in the form of public buildings, but also of public spaces.

Nehre designed many public spaces in India, from the Taj Mahal to the national park in Kutch.

He also created a national park and constructed the countryís first national monument, the Jodhpur Mahal.

This architectural style was also used to create a vast collection of artworks by artists from across the country.

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