What to expect from Google’s new Google Photos feature

Google’s Photos app has been under fire for a few weeks now, but now the company is finally addressing it.

The app is going to get a new look and feel, and Google has a few new design choices in the works to help users keep track of their creations.

For starters, the new app will have a “snap” feature, which allows users to snap photos without having to click through multiple images to view them.

Snap photos are stored locally and can be exported to a photo library.

Snapshots can be edited in a variety of ways, such as cropping, and users can also import them from other apps, Google’s VP of engineering Jason Stavri says.

The company also wants to make the experience feel less like a series of images, as it does with other popular photo management apps.

Instead of snapping the same photo over and over, Google will let users select a category of photos to view, and they can sort by category and view them by date, time, location, or more.

Users can also export their Snapshots to PDFs, a service Google announced last year.

The other new feature Google is making available is a “fade in” feature that lets users view photos with a fade in effect.

The feature works by creating a “flicker” effect that shows the image over time, which is supposed to give users more of an opportunity to take in the view.

Users also have the option to view their photos on a large, interactive screen, rather than a slide show.

This feature, along with the new Snap feature, will make it easier to manage photos for use in the app, and it will also make it possible for users to save the images they’ve taken as they go.

The new Google photos app is available now for free on the Google Play Store.

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