Wedding style: Medieval, design style: Modern, and wedding style: Contemporary

By Kate O’Brien, CNN Style Editor”The style of medieval and modern wedding dresses has a rich history, from the earliest days of the Anglo-Saxon kingdom in England to the rise of the modern era,” said Anne P. Henshall, a fashion historian at the National Museum of Scotland.

“There’s a lot to look at from medieval to modern.”

From medieval to today, the style of a bride can be traced to several influences, Henshall said.

The medieval era can be defined by the way in which the bride’s dress was made, including the length and shape of the bodice.

Medieval dresses were more formal than today’s, but often still had a “dress” and could also be made from linen, or embroidered.

Some dresses were made from wool, which allowed for a tighter fit.

Modern dressmakers have a more modern sense of style, according to Henshy, who noted that modern designs have more room for style and more flexibility than the medieval dresses.

“I think the modern style is more sophisticated,” she said.

“Modern designs have a lot of room to grow.”

For many women, today’s style of dress can be described as modern and classy, said Henshi, who is an expert on medieval dress and is a lecturer at the Fashion Institute of Technology in Australia.

The modern style of modern dress is more contemporary, she said, adding that modern design also incorporates a softer touch.

The modern, sophisticated look of the dresses, she added, comes from a combination of modern design techniques, from new fabrics to modern materials.

“They are not just about how the fabrics are made,” Henshin said.

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