Why ‘Cuba’s’ new logo looks a lot like Cuba’s original design

The world’s first “Cuban” logo has been unveiled in Cuba’s capital, making it the first non-U.S. logo to feature a single letter in place of two digits.

Dubbed the “Cubani logo,” the new logo uses an iconography that resembles the country’s traditional red, white and blue colors.

The color palette is designed to reflect the countrys rich heritage of art, architecture and agriculture.

“The Cuban logo is a symbol of the unity of the Cuban people, which is reflected in the red, yellow and blue color scheme,” said Jose Luis Martín, the president of the National Assembly, a constituent body of the island.

“We hope the Cuban logo will help to promote a better understanding of our country, which has long been the victim of foreign domination.”

The “Cubanian” logo was created with a combination of Cuban design principles and digital technologies.

It features a single-digit 3-letter number followed by a number of numbers, each of which represents a character or a concept in the country.

It has the character for “CUBAN” (with an “x”), the word “CUR,” and the symbol of a fist and a shield.

The new logo is the product of a collaboration between the Ministry of Information and the Cuban government.

It was launched last month to mark the 70th anniversary of the founding of the country, the official website said.

It was designed by Cuban design studio, Vásquez Laboral, which produced the “Cubais” logo for the United States and other countries.

The design was based on the original designs of the former U.S.-backed dictator Fulgencio Batista, who ruled the country from 1959 until his death in 1981.

The new logo also features a similar design by the same team.

The logo was produced by the Cuban Design Institute of Design.

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