New smartwatch design style from Mondrian

The new Mondrian smartwatch style is based on the Mediterranean design style with a retro, clean look.

It is expected to be launched in March 2017, and will have a large battery that can last up to five days.

The watch is expected also to have an integrated heart rate monitor that allows the user to record his/her steps and heart rate and share it with the friends.

The device will be made by a German design company Mondrian and will be manufactured by the company.

The smartwatch will feature a new design theme with a classic look that was developed by Mondrian.

The company said the new design style was inspired by the Mediterranean.

“The theme is inspired by a design that has long been used in the Mediterranean, namely the classic and classical shapes of a boat, the ocean and the city,” Mondrian said.

“Our aim was to create a watch that would feel like a boat.

The new design is an homage to the traditional Mediterranean design with a modern twist.”

The design theme is based upon a design style that has been used by the world’s greatest designers for more than a century.

Mondrian has been developing the watch for the last two years and it will be released in the spring of 2017.

The design is expected have a high-resolution display that will feature an OLED screen with touch display technology.

The Mondrian watch is a “classic” design with an interesting design, and the company has been known to make unique products.

The first smartwatch, a smartwatch with a heart rate monitoring feature, was released in 2017.

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