How to use your hair style to boost your creativity

How to make your hair more stylish, with the help of this DIY hair styling guide.1.

Use a hair brush with a fine tip to create a sleek, shiny finish.2.

Apply a small amount of water-based product or cream to your scalp to smooth and form the strands into a fine, glossy look.3.

Twist the ends to form a hair style, then gently tug on the ends with a hair comb.4.

Gently remove any excess product to reveal the hidden strands.5.

Use the brush to form the sides of the head, creating a full, smooth brow and chin.6.

Using a hair curler, carefully comb through the strands to remove any loose hair.7.

Repeat for the other side.8.

For a more formal style, wrap the strands in hair nets, wrap a piece of ribbon around the ends of the hair and hang it to create the look of a headdress.9.

Make a full beard or mustache using hair hair that’s been styled in this style and using a hair dryer.10.

Make your eyebrows bigger with a small bun hairstyle.

You can learn more about hair styles on hair-care tips and tips for hair products at

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