‘It’s a Woman’s World’: Women’s History Month at the Museum

Today is Women’s International Women’s Day, which means it’s also a time for men to take a break from celebrating their gender.

It’s a reminder that we have more work to do and that it’s not just a celebration of the accomplishments of women in our country, but also of the contributions that men have made to society.

And that’s something that needs to be celebrated, too.

Women have always been the leaders in our societies.

That is something that is reflected in every culture, and that’s what I’m going to highlight today.

I’m really proud to be a part of a history of women that I’m privileged to be able to celebrate with my fellow museum visitors and museum staff.

This is an occasion for the people who work at the Smithsonian to reflect on our progress.

But also for men and women to recognize our strengths, our contributions and the important work we have to do to help the world.

Today I want to focus on women’s contribution to history.

The Smithsonian was founded in 1913, as part of the National Museum of the American Indian.

Since then, the museum has celebrated the contributions of women, and women are the largest group of museum visitors, the fourth-largest in the country.

Today, women make up more than half of the members of the museum’s staff, with women serving as curators, senior curators and staff members.

Women are also the ones who teach the first lesson of all museums: women have the right to learn, to share and to teach.

The women at the museum, and the people of the Smithsonian, are part of our history and part of who we are.

I want us to continue to celebrate our history.

I am proud to continue the work that women have been doing for generations.

There are several ways that we can celebrate the women who have been at the helm of our museums, who have contributed to our museums and to our nation.

I will highlight two specific ways: First, by reflecting on how we have come together in our efforts to inspire and preserve our history, and second, by celebrating women and celebrating women-centered programming.

First, reflect on how women have always represented our country in the arts and sciences.

Today is International Women in the Arts Day, and we are proud to celebrate that and our contributions to the arts.

We have had incredible contributions to our country from women throughout history, both in the United States and in other countries.

Women’s contributions to science and technology have always included contributions to art and culture.

Women were pioneers in the study of astronomy, for example, and they are also instrumental in the exploration of the universe.

We are fortunate to have a group of scientists like Jane Goodall, who has taught us the value of human dignity, and Susan B. Anthony, who taught us that all women are created equal.

They have done that by showing us that women can and should be respected, that we are created in God’s image and deserve the same rights and responsibilities as men.

And by celebrating the contributions and contributions of all women, we can remember the importance of women as part and parcel of our communities.

Second, by acknowledging that we all share in the mission of the United Nations, I want the world to recognize that we must work together, not against each other, to address climate change and other pressing issues.

The United Nations is one of the world’s oldest, most respected institutions, and it is a global forum that has a long history of reaching out to meet the needs of the entire planet.

The fact that we’re all working together to achieve global goals like the one we’re working towards here is part of what makes this an important year.

It is also a testament to the incredible work of women.

The Women’s Economic and Social Conference is one example of how the United Nation is using its leadership to promote women’s economic empowerment and to work to ensure that women, who are on the front lines of our economy, have access to the skills and the opportunities they need.

But even more than that, the UN’s annual conference is an important opportunity for women to share their stories and to show the world that we do have common ground.

So today, I am going to discuss two ways to celebrate the work of the Women’s Conference and its impact on women and women-based programming.

Today’s theme will focus on the work done by women in the past and the contributions they have made.

I believe it is critical to look at the women in history, but the history of our time is also an opportunity to look back on the progress that women and men have been making in our communities and our nations.

And today, we’re celebrating women who helped build our country and our world.

To highlight the contributions made by women to our history we are going to honor the Women of Courage Award, and to recognize the contributions women have made in the fields of history, art, law and technology, and education

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