How the design of the new Melbourne Stadium could impact the way we play

It’s the day after the announcement of the Melbourne Cup and, in many ways, it’s the culmination of a year’s work on a stadium that has gone through multiple design and engineering phases.

After months of deliberation, the AFL has chosen the best design for the stadium that will ensure it has the best possible home ground for the new AFL.

It’s the first time since 1993 that the AFL will host the AFL Grand Final in the same stadium.

But the decision to go with a new design comes after years of criticism and the Melbourne Cricket Ground was demolished to make way for a new, modern stadium.

The stadium’s design has been scrutinised for years, with the club’s owners and the Government in particular questioning the cost of the stadium.

Key points:The AFL says the new design will “reduce” the footprint of the ground and make it easier to redevelop the ground’s footprintThe decision to use a new stadium comes after months of scrutiny and the ground was demolished in order to make room for a modern stadiumThe design of Melbourne’s new ground will “lower” the ground to make it more accessible and easier to develop, according to the AFL The AFL says its decision to design a new ground in the Melbourne CBD will reduce the footprint and make the ground easier to access.

The new stadium is about 400 metres (1,000 feet) long, the height of the Carlton Oval and is expected to be able to hold more than 4,000 spectators.

It will be used to host the Melbourne VFL Cup finals and also play some AFL matches.

“The new design we’ve chosen is the one that maximises the home ground footprint, minimises the impact on the CBD and maximises capacity on the ground,” AFL chief executive Gillon McLachlan said.

“It also minimises disruption to the existing fans.

It will be a great stadium for the future of AFL and that’s what the fans deserve.”

The AFL will be unveiling a design for a ground in Adelaide’s south, which is expected for 2018, but it is unclear if the same ground will be chosen.

The decision has also been criticised by Melbourne City Council leader Tom Koutsantonis, who is pushing for a design that would better reflect the area’s history.

“I’m sure the club will want to make sure the ground is as beautiful as possible and I’m sure we’ll be discussing that, and the decision will be based on that,” he said.”[But] this is a very important decision.

I think it is a historic decision for our city.”

You’ve got a great design and it’s a great site and I know it’s going to be a long time before we see anything new there.

“But we need to make the best of the existing site.”AFL CEO Gillon McQuaid said the new stadium would provide “a unique venue for our game”The AFL’s decision comes after the AFL faced criticism last year for the size of the grounds it was building in Sydney’s CBD.

The AFL was criticised for the cost and size of its stadium.

A number of Melbourne City councillors and other residents have expressed concern about the size and the impact it would have on traffic and the surrounding environment.

The current ground is the home of the Adelaide Oval, which has been redeveloped into a new home ground.

The site has been described as “an old-school Victorian” and “very traditional”.

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