The Best and Worst Apartments for Millennials

How do you know if your next apartment is a trendy and luxurious place to live?

If you look around the neighborhood, there’s a good chance you’ll find some beautiful and stylish apartments that aren’t as modern as you’d expect, according to a new study by Zumper.

The Zumper study found that only 15 percent of apartments in major metro areas had high-end amenities, and that only 22 percent of apartment design and aesthetics styles were “good” or “excellent.”

While you may think of stylish apartments as an attractive addition to a city, Zumper says there’s actually a whole lot of evidence to suggest that apartments with high-quality design and amenities actually can hurt the overall health of your home.

For example, Zimmer says there are many reasons that a good apartment could be a negative for your health.

“We see that in the study we did, and so we thought, well, let’s try and look at some of these things and see if they’re actually something we should be concerned about,” says Zimmer.

So, the team went back to the neighborhood to conduct the study and looked at the neighborhoods that have the highest percentage of luxury apartment design types.

And, of course, the results surprised Zimmer, who was surprised to see that the “luxury” apartments were actually the worst for people in their 20s and 30s.

“I’m not sure that people over 50 are in a position where they are living in luxury,” says Paul Jorgensen, Zumbler’s senior director of design.

“The reality is that they’re living in a place that’s more comfortable and that they might not want to be in.”

“A luxury apartment has a lot of features that you’d normally find in a normal, high-income apartment, like a private bathroom, a kitchenette, a living room, and even a large living room,” Jorgenson says.

“But, the fact that they are not high-value is not something that people expect to find in high-rise apartments.”

One of the best features of a luxury apartment is that the unit is designed with people who want to live there.

“You know, most people that I’ve ever seen live in luxury apartments, they’re not going to live in one that is designed to be luxurious,” Jengensen says.

When he and Jorgens looked at how people were living in other parts of the country, they found that high-priced, luxury apartments tended to be the most popular with millennials, too.

“A lot of millennials don’t have access to that luxury lifestyle,” Jogens says.

He says that millennials aren’t likely to be interested in staying in a luxury home if they can get their own apartment in their own neighborhood.

“People who are living there and are paying $1,000 a month, that is not going on the list of things that people are going to want to do with their lives.”

Jorgen says it’s not just luxury apartments that are negatively affecting people’s health.

The team also looked at what types of amenities people are actually getting in their apartment.

“Most of the amenities that people find in luxury, they don’t use them all that often, and I think it’s actually because of the money they’re paying,” Jong says.

One of Jogensen’s favorite amenities is the “living room,” which is the place where people actually hang out.

The living room is a very common feature in luxury apartment homes, and Zumblers study shows that most of the residents in high luxury apartments didn’t actually like to spend time in the living room.

“What we see in luxury is that people actually don’t like to be at home, and they do things that are not conducive to having a social life,” Jang says.

And he says that may be a bad thing.

“Because when you’re not spending time with your friends, it’s hard for you to get engaged and get your life back on track,” Jogan says.

Jang and Jogans research found that there’s one area where luxury apartments actually did well, which is in the area of fitness centers.

“It was really interesting because the fitness centers were much more popular with people in the 30s and 40s, and it really was kind of a reflection of how they weren’t necessarily in a good position to get healthy,” Jogen says.

The “living rooms” may not have been the only perk in a high-luxury apartment, either.

Jogen says that one of the things that surprised him the most was how many people were opting out of high-profile events.

“If you go to any sort of event like a sports tournament, it may be one of your favorite things to do, but people may not want it,” he says.

Zumper’s study found the same trend, with the majority of the people choosing not to attend high-level events.

People don’t want to go to these

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