New York City to start new style rules

New York, NY – The New York State Department of Transportation is launching a new uniform for its buses, which will be based on the 1930s style of the city’s subway cars.

The DOT announced Thursday that it is launching the new uniforms, which the DOT calls “the ‘Bard style.’

The department is also expanding its “New York City Bus Style” program to include new buses for the new year.

The new uniform, which is based on a 1930s subway car, is called the “New Jersey City Bus style.””

New Jersey Transit’s new “New New Jersey” style of bus uniform includes the city logo with the iconic red, white and blue stripes, with the words “New” printed across the front.””

The New York Metropolitan Transit Authority (MTA) is proud to bring the New Jersey City bus style to our streets.”

New Jersey Transit’s new “New New Jersey” style of bus uniform includes the city logo with the iconic red, white and blue stripes, with the words “New” printed across the front.

“As the nation’s largest bus system, the MTA is committed to bringing the ‘Bards style’ to our buses,” said Henshaver.

“We are excited to be able to introduce the ‘New New’ to riders across the city.”

The DOT has been working on a new “new New Jersey style” bus uniform for the last several years, but it was never finalized.

The DOT has previously said it would look to the “Old New Jersey,” a more traditional style that the New York metro area adopted during World War II.

The “New NJ” style was popular with commuters during the 1970s, and it became the basis for the citywide bus style in the 1980s.

New Jersey is known for its many landmarks, including the Garden State Parkway, the city of Newark and its historic Old City.

The citywide “NewNew Jersey style uniform” is a blend of modern design and old school style, Henshaws statement said.

It is not an exact replica of the original New Jersey city bus uniform, but the city has updated the style with modern features and materials, including a new hood and shoulder strap.

New Jersey State Police, the New New Jersey State Transit Police, and New York Police Department will participate in the project, as will the New Haven Police Department.

The city is also offering up to $1,500 in public art and a limited edition of 50 new New Jersey Bus style uniforms to encourage participation in the program.

The first two buses will be unveiled on Thursday.

The agency said it is looking to get feedback from the public on the new uniform before moving forward with the project.

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