Designer ‘stunning’ and ‘beautiful’ with a new design style

In Australia, designer Chris McLean has created a new style that has a more modern look, but still features the familiar ‘flat design’ style that is popular in the US.

Mr McLean is known for his use of typography, with the font ‘S’ at the top of each article and bold lettering.

The design has been popular in many places across the US, such as the New York Times and the Washington Post, but is more widely seen in Australia.

“It’s a flat design, but I think it’s cool because it’s not the typeface we normally use,” he said.

“We’re not normally used to using bold, but that’s the type of bold you get from using a sans serif.”

Mr Mclean said he wanted his new design to be “unique and stylish”.

“I wanted to create something that was both aesthetically pleasing and functional, so I had to make it so that it was easy to change out if it didn’t work for me.”

Mr McGroder also had the look down pat, adding a new bold letter and bold ‘s’ to each article.

“I also tried to do a bit of minimalism, and then some simple colours,” he explained.

“To create something like this, I think I just needed to be very careful.”

Mr McMurtreder is now looking to get the new style out into the wider community, with a website for people to see it.

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